When it comes to the top trends, who do you follow? Do you look at the Hollywood A-listers or do you go with the local fashion magazines?   Sometimes I feel like there is just so much going on, I don’t even know where to start. Personal fashion styles seem to change faster than I can keep up.   So how do I know what to change, and when to change it? How can I be sure that I am on top of the latest…Continue Reading “Top Beauty Trends From This Summer”

I’ve been there. I’ve burned out and couldn’t handle people anymore. I suffered during that time, and I think a few of us here have had similar experiences.   If you haven’t, I congratulate you, but I do recommend looking at how much time you’re giving yourself for taking care of yourself. Here are some pieces of knowledge I acquired through experience, so you wouldn’t have to.   Self-care We all know the formula for self-care. Eat right, exercise, and don’t live off pizza and…Continue Reading “The Importance of “Me Time””

Often I want to make my money stretch as far as possible, and I think everyone does. But because of this, we can often adopt bad habits.   Personally, I sin by letting my makeup sit there after its expiration date. It’s not that I don’t use my makeup. Instead, it generally happens because I buy colors I don’t use often, or I try something I don’t like.   Fortunately, I’ve never experienced anything bad happen to myself, but there are cases that don’t have…Continue Reading “Why You Should Toss Old Makeup?”

It is never too late to educate a teen on a good skincare regime. Of course, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better. However, if you only now started being conscious of the largest organ in your body, you can still make a world of a difference with some mindfulness.   So, whether you’re a parent or an adolescent, follow these tips for an incredible improvement in your complexion. Wash Your Face No matter your age, you should be washing your…Continue Reading “Best Skincare Tips For Teens”

Water is the adult’s drink. I only recently came to this realization. As a kid, I waited for social approval to take up coffee and alcohol. As soon as I started drinking those, I realized why my old folks urged me to drink, drink, and drink water.   As a kid, I found water repulsive because it looks so dull. Other drinks, such as juices, came in various colors, ranging from hot red to cool blue. Water, on the other hand, was invisible. Sometimes I…Continue Reading “The Importance of Drinking Water For Your Skin”

It’s often easy to forget that your skin is important and that you should be taking careful care of it. But, the skin is the body’s largest organ, a protective barrier that keeps germs out and you in. Through sweat, the skin also regulates your body’s temperature, keeping you cozy regardless of the season.   On occasion, your skin could even be an indicator of your internal health, bringing about rashes, itches, and slow healing wounds. My skin is far from perfect, primarily because of…Continue Reading “What Foods to Avoid for Healthy Skin”

Now and then someone tells me something new which I wish I’d heard it ages ago. I’m talking about those little titbits of information that someone shares and you think to yourself that you wished you’d have known that sooner.   Who better to learn from than the professionals when it comes to beauty tips? After all, these professionals eat, sleep, and breathe beauty. I did some fishing and found some top tips I’d love to share with you. Some of these are quite simple,…Continue Reading “Top 5 Beauty Tips From Professionals”

It’s a fact – humans have a massive impact on this planet. Some of it is good, but a lot is bad. Just being here and feeding ourselves, moving around and living life takes a lot of energy and resources from the Earth.   It’s true that there are a lot of exaggerations and fake news out there, but we should be aware of the adverse effects we have on the environment either way. Basically, we need to do anything we can to start giving…Continue Reading “Most Sustainable Beauty Brands”

The real power of makeup lies in the confidence it adds. And we can all do with an extra bit of confidence to help us in life.  Sometimes, removing a few extra pounds from our faces is just the boost we were looking for.   Contouring can be overdone, so before you start, remember that the key focus here is to be subtle and blend in well. Choose colors that work together and use undertones that work with your skin tone.   Here the best…Continue Reading “Contour Tips For a Thinner Face”

Acne is a skin condition that generally crops up at the most inconvenient times. We’ve all had a breakout from stress, poor care and nutrition, or merely bad luck.   But fear not! There are many ways you can hide those pesky pimples and feel confident in your own skin even when they hit. Below are my top five tips for doing so. 1. Avoid Oily Makeup It’s no secret that excessive oil on your skin allows bacteria to thrive. Your face is no exception…Continue Reading “Top 5 Best Tricks to Hide Acne”