Best Skincare Tips For Teens

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It is never too late to educate a teen on a good skincare regime. Of course, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better. However, if you only now started being conscious of the largest organ in your body, you can still make a world of a difference with some mindfulness.


So, whether you’re a parent or an adolescent, follow these tips for an incredible improvement in your complexion.

Wash Your Face

No matter your age, you should be washing your face both morning and night. Often, teenagers tend to overdo it with washing their faces because they feel the need to. They may believe this will reduce acne.


Actually, this can cause your skin to produce too much oil and make it appear oilier than it naturally is.


A safe bet is to stick to the washing twice a day unless you are heavily involved in sports and outdoor activities. Naturally, after a session outside or a sports practice, washing your face is necessary.

Cut Back on Sugar

For both males and females, the teenage years are usually when the hormones start to kick in. With hormones come acne. During the teen years, as well as later in life, if a breakout occurs, it is strongly advisable for you to reduce or cut your sugar intake altogether. Dairy can also harm adolescent skin.


Keep in mind that not everyone’s skin is the same. Naturally, people don’t react in the same way to sugar and dairy. It is a good idea to increase your fruit and vegetable intake during this time, too, as internally, the body is changing a lot.


For the male teens, when it comes time to start shaving, more problems occur. Shaving can take some of the moisture out of the skin and leave it feeling dry. It is always a good idea to rinse and moisturize your face after you have shaved.


For the females, keep in mind that during those times of the month, you may have extra sensitive skin. You may find during this time that your skin requires a bit more hydration. A great fix for this is to equip yourself with a bottle of Rock Candy’s finishing spray. You or your daughter may not be wearing makeup yet, but Rock Candy’s finishing spray is so gentle and mild that even your teen can use it on her face for an instant hydrating pick me up.


If you do wear makeup, even if it’s a little bit, you should always ensure you takes off all of it and wash your face before going to bed. Going to bed with any makeup will only clog the pores and leave her the looking and feeling oily.

Drink Water

At all stages of life, drinking water is essential to your everyday activities. Teenage years are no different. The constant intake of water helps the body to flush out toxins and keeps it clean on the inside. Better skin comes along with it.


The harmful elements of pollution and sun rays have just as much effect on teenage skin as on the adult one – if not more.


The harmful rays of the sun, air pollution, and second-hand smoke can all their its toll. It is vital that you find a natural moisturizer suitable for teenage skin (think light and natural) so that you can keep your complexion well hydrated.

Always Apply Sunscreen

When I tell my kids not to forget their sunscreen, I swear each time they roll their eyes at me. They think I enjoy having to say to them every day. I don’t. I can’t stress enough the damage that the sun can do to your skin.


Drill this into your kids, especially in the warmer weather when they are outdoors in the sun for hours. Make sure that they know that even when it is overcast and cloudy, putting sunscreen on is non-negotiable.


The sun can burn your skin even when it does not seem too bright outside.

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