Best Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

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With the dangerous elements, like the harmful rays of the Sun, smoking, and air pollution all around us, it is getting more and more challenging to ensure that our skin stays in good condition.


However, summer is approaching, and we want to make the most of it. Follow these simple tips, and you will be able to use the season to its full potential without having to worry about these nasty elements.

Wear Sunscreen

Regardless of whether the sun is shining or not when you leave the house in the morning, always apply products that contain a SPF, or make sure to apply sunscreen directly.


This will ensure you are protected from the sun while you are out and about. Even when it’s overcast and cloudy, the harmful rays can do severe damage.

Cover Up

While I know so many ladies that scrunch their faces up tight when you mention wearing a hat, there are stylish hats, too. Besides protecting you, they can really doll up an outfit.


Big straw summer hats are all the craze, and look just fabulous when you are out for the day. Peak caps work a treat for ball games or the more sporty events. There is something for everyone. With the growing consciousness of the need for protection, hats are really up and coming.

Choose Protective Products

Makeup products that contain harmful toxins do further damage to your complexion, leaving it in a worse condition than when you first started.


Luckily, there are more and more brands that are not just focused on the impact their products have on the environment, but on your skin too. Certain brands have combined years of research to bring the very best natural products to us — products that don’t just protect your skin, but nourish it as well.


Pick Natural

By doing this, you’re helping your skin battle the heat and sweat, and allowing yourself to rock that beautiful summer face. Here’s what my favorite brand, Rock Candy Beauty, does for me.


Rock Candy’s range of beauty products contains 100% natural ingredients. None of their products are tested on animals either. This means you can finally buy beauty products for your skin that improve its overall condition.


The linseed extract in Rock Candy’s Finish spray will leave your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. The calming effects of this ingredient will not just reduce any redness but will work to treat the condition. The mild and sweet almond extract helps to retain the moisture of the skin, leaving you feeling renewed.


With Rock Candy’s all natural ingredients, you can be sure that this trusted brand will work with your skin. From the land they have taken extracts of oat bran; from our waters the extract of red algae. All of their ingredients are listed on their informative website, giving you a wealth of information to read through. Knowledge is power.


Rock Candy is so confident about the goodness of their products that they have taken the time to explain what each of the ingredients does for you.


While it’s always easy to list the elements, isn’t it amazing to understand how each of the components benefits you? When last were you able to say that the product you are using on your face prevents premature aging and nourishes your skin?


Rock Candy’s passion for nature is evident, and aligns with my beliefs. The brand supports initiatives like the Pacific Marine Mammal Center as well as the Pacific Whale Foundation. In partnering together with these foundations, Rock Candy commitment to contributing to not only educate people about the state of our oceans but also to contributing valuable resources and time towards these causes too.


I am not sure about you, but when a brand goes to these lengths to make a difference, it tells me they are serious about what is real and what is right. That makes me feel good about supporting it.

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