And Achieve a Beautiful Complexion “We are what we eat” is a very true statement, and we should keep that in mind when we enjoy a tasty meal. Our diet is crucial for our health and weight maintenance, but also the quality of our complexion.   On top of the fact that you should use good makeup, you should also try out the spray-on technique to protect yourself from developing different unhealthy skin-conditions. To put the cherry on top, you should also include certain superfoods…Continue Reading “Top Superfoods to Include in Your Diet”

No matter how busy we get, we should never neglect our skincare routine, especially before going to bed.   It is essential to take care of the needs of our skin every day as well as to use high-quality makeup products. By doing so, we will look younger and healthier for a longer time, and we will not have to face acne and blackheads.   That said, here are five things you should do before bedtime to make sure your complexion looks perfect when you…Continue Reading “Five Essential Skincare Routines to Do Before Bed”

While sharing some of my insights into facial massages and the incredible benefits of massages in general, I think it’s important to highlight the importance of being clean and healthy on the inside. Otherwise, all the quick fixes in the world will turn out to be just that, quick fixes. Too often, we only focus on our outward appearance and lose track of what’s happening on the inside.   I cannot stress the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. At the same time,…Continue Reading “Does Facial Massage Help Your Skin?”

With the dangerous elements, like the harmful rays of the Sun, smoking, and air pollution all around us, it is getting more and more challenging to ensure that our skin stays in good condition.   However, summer is approaching, and we want to make the most of it. Follow these simple tips, and you will be able to use the season to its full potential without having to worry about these nasty elements. Wear Sunscreen Regardless of whether the sun is shining or not when…Continue Reading “Best Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer”

The beauty and makeup industry are reverting back to natural products. Many companies are choosing to use more naturally sourced materials in products. For what reasons? The consumers tend to favor it over the nasty toxins some makeup and beauty products feature.   Chia seeds are a natural product making a comeback to the market. This magical natural product has so many health benefits. Whether it’s in a beauty product or a part of your nutrition, it is an overall great natural source. What Are…Continue Reading “Chia Seed in Beauty Products”

Once we wake up, our day is just getting started. You are a very busy, strong, and powerful woman and here at Rock Candy Beauty, we understand that you need a daytime makeup routine that can keep up with your busy schedule. Whether you are at the office, in a class, or out for a business lunch, your makeup should be able to last all day.   We have everything you need to rock your daytime makeup look at Rock Candy Beauty. Our foundation will…Continue Reading “How To Achieve a Daytime Look With Airbrush Makeup”

Life gets tiring, right? Whether it’s late evenings at work or partying the night away, we are all prone to exhausting ourselves. That leads to dark circles under our eyes.   These are a constant battle for me. The skin under our eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of our face. It shows when we are ill or tired.   Sometimes we need a little extra help to correct this. That is why I am going to give you a quick guide to…Continue Reading “Hide Dark Circles With Airbrush Makeup”

Who doesn’t love having a facial every now and again, right? Well, it’s possible while your airbrush thanks to Rock Candy Beauty!   This team of glamorous hard working girls is turning our makeup application into a comfortable and relaxing task. When you’re having a facial, you feel relaxed and calm. When your applying airbrush makeup from Rock Candy Beauty, you are always going to feel the same!   We are diving into their world and checking out their range of products, and the ways…Continue Reading “How to Give Yourself A Facial While Airbrushing”

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s about time you mastered a perfect summer makeup look. With Rock Candy Beauty Airbrush makeup, that’s easier than ever before. Applied correctly, Rock Candy Beauty makeup can last the whole day and into the evening. By using this particular brand, you can easily create a durable and light summer look in no time.   Avoiding the traditional route of applying makeup will ensure you don’t transfer any germs onto your face. Rock Candy Beauty’s makeup and products…Continue Reading “Summer Makeup Tutorial”

Your Friends There are tons of fun things you can do with the girls on ladies night. Even some of your male friends may want to join in on the festivities of girls night. No matter who’s coming or what their tastes are, one of the most fun things to do would be to have an airbrushing party.   An airbrushing party is a way for you to show off at your airbrushing skills. Even if you don’t have any airbrushing skills, you can hire…Continue Reading “Throw an Airbrush Makeup Party with Your Friends”