I’ve been there. I’ve burned out and couldn’t handle people anymore. I suffered during that time, and I think a few of us here have had similar experiences.   If you haven’t, I congratulate you, but I do recommend looking at how much time you’re giving yourself for taking care of yourself. Here are some pieces of knowledge I acquired through experience, so you wouldn’t have to.   Self-care We all know the formula for self-care. Eat right, exercise, and don’t live off pizza and…Continue Reading “The Importance of “Me Time””

And Achieve a Beautiful Complexion “We are what we eat” is a very true statement, and we should keep that in mind when we enjoy a tasty meal. Our diet is crucial for our health and weight maintenance, but also the quality of our complexion.   On top of the fact that you should use good makeup, you should also try out the spray-on technique to protect yourself from developing different unhealthy skin-conditions. To put the cherry on top, you should also include certain superfoods…Continue Reading “Top Superfoods to Include in Your Diet”

I hate it when any of my makeup items expire. However, it’s especially true when it happens to my foundation. It turns into a tub of acne-gel that’s going to bring doom upon any who touch it. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often for me, but I know I can’t be the only person getting upset about it. I think you do too.   Foundation can last between 6 months to 2 years. This means that regular use should leave you with no wastage. But for…Continue Reading “What Is the Average Foundation Lifespan?”

With the dangerous elements, like the harmful rays of the Sun, smoking, and air pollution all around us, it is getting more and more challenging to ensure that our skin stays in good condition.   However, summer is approaching, and we want to make the most of it. Follow these simple tips, and you will be able to use the season to its full potential without having to worry about these nasty elements. Wear Sunscreen Regardless of whether the sun is shining or not when…Continue Reading “Best Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer”

It’s Friday, and you are planning a night out. Maybe you want to get together with the girls for a ladies night. Perhaps you have a date. After a long day at work, you want to be able to transition smoothly into the night. This will involve changing your day look into a night look. We are here to give you the perfect guide for looking and feeling fabulous in your nighttime makeup.   Rock Candy Beauty brings you all the supplies you need to…Continue Reading “How To Achieve a Nighttime Look With Airbrush Makeup”

Once we wake up, our day is just getting started. You are a very busy, strong, and powerful woman and here at Rock Candy Beauty, we understand that you need a daytime makeup routine that can keep up with your busy schedule. Whether you are at the office, in a class, or out for a business lunch, your makeup should be able to last all day.   We have everything you need to rock your daytime makeup look at Rock Candy Beauty. Our foundation will…Continue Reading “How To Achieve a Daytime Look With Airbrush Makeup”

Keeping a small apartment can be hard at times. With the vast number of people coming to live in New York property prices are continuously rising. As a consequence, properties are getting smaller.   If you need to pay a crazy figure each month to even live in NYC, you probably don’t have a lot of space in your apartment. But we love New York and are here to stay. That is why today, we bring you a set of tips to make the best…Continue Reading “How to Maximize the Space in Your NYC Apartment?”

The Big Apple. The City of Dreams. The city that never sleeps. The Empire State. There are so many nicknames, but there will only ever be one New York City. The skyline alone fills postcards and magazines around the world. Many people flock here in hopes to turn their dreams into reality. It can be a hectic city, but its residents still love it in many different ways.   Summer is just around the corner, and that means the city is changing. The trees are…Continue Reading “Summer in the City: Things to Do and Places to Avoid”

Your Friends There are tons of fun things you can do with the girls on ladies night. Even some of your male friends may want to join in on the festivities of girls night. No matter who’s coming or what their tastes are, one of the most fun things to do would be to have an airbrushing party.   An airbrushing party is a way for you to show off at your airbrushing skills. Even if you don’t have any airbrushing skills, you can hire…Continue Reading “Throw an Airbrush Makeup Party with Your Friends”

If you have ever traveled with your makeup kit, then you know how difficult it can be. You have so many different questions to ask yourself; can I take this through airport security? Do I need all of my brushes? What kind of foundation and eyeshadow will I actually use?   These questions can make packing your beauty routine into a bag for a trip very daunting. We are here to help with that! We will make a breakdown of the tips and tricks that…Continue Reading “Travel Tips With Airbrush Makeup”