Contour Tips For a Thinner Face

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The real power of makeup lies in the confidence it adds. And we can all do with an extra bit of confidence to help us in life.  Sometimes, removing a few extra pounds from our faces is just the boost we were looking for.


Contouring can be overdone, so before you start, remember that the key focus here is to be subtle and blend in well. Choose colors that work together and use undertones that work with your skin tone.


Here the best tips I could find on how to make your face seem thinner using contour techniques.

Apply a Good Foundation

You need an excellent canvas for your artwork, so don’t skip the moisturizer. Your skin needs to be well hydrated to look its best. This will also help the foundation and other makeup to adhere to your complexion.


One of my favorite techniques to apply foundation is by using spray on makeup. It gives you a lot more control over the process, as well as a much more even surface. You apply your product of choice in several light layers and build up to the coverage you want.


The best part of spray on makeup is that it still allows the skin to breathe. It is also long-lasting.  This is a crucial step. Take your time to get it right before you move onto the next.

Use Concealer

Using a concealer, cover the center of your forehead, bridge of the nose and your chin. Use a beauty blender to blend these in.  By doing this, you’re preparing the areas that you might want to highlight.

Create Definition

For this step, you need to select a concealer or powder that is two shades darker than your foundation. The better shade you choose, the more natural look you will create.


You should apply that product to shadow areas on your face. Use it on your cheek hollows.   Draw a line from the center of your cheek to your ear bone. Do the same along your hairline and down the sides of your nose.  Blend this in very well.


This will reduce the size of your forehead and nose. It will also define your cheekbones.  You can use a brush to apply the powder. This gives a much more natural look than concealer, but if you blend it right, concealer works well too.

Don’t Forget the Jawline

Use the same shade on your jawline. If you have a round face, this will make it look thinner.   Blend this in as you did before.

Add Some Color With Blush

Using circular motions, add a small amount of blush onto the round peaks of your cheeks above the contour you made earlier.


Be sure that you’re really using just a small amount, and don’t go overboard here. You only want to add a touch of color.

Draw Attention to Your Eyes

A good way to draw attention to your eyes is to start with your brows. Making them angular will create a longer face shape.


Also, dramatic eye makeup will make them a focal point in your face. Try a smokey eye or dark eyeliner. Go to town with your mascara – black or even a bold color works great here.  Your eyes are the star of the show, so have fun with them.

Balance Out the Lips

Use a more subtle lipstick to balance out the dramatic eyes.  This way, there is not a split focus.   You can go with just a bit of clear lip gloss, but a nude or pale peach lipstick works great too.

Final Thoughts

Contouring can be a fun way take a few pounds off your face. You can also go overboard and look like a Kardashian. It’s up to you, but have fun practicing and seeing how this can work for your style.

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