Creating an Airbrush Look For a Night Out

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Creating a look for your next big night out couldn’t be easier with the advice I’m about to give you. I have used the fantastic spray on application method. My top tips on how to apply, as well as product suggestions, will ensure you are on your way to perfecting a flawless look in no time!


I am going to use the range from Rock Candy Beauty along the way. This brand is my go-to for a variety of reasons. They offer a wide range of spray on makeup products, which are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Plus, everything in the selection is absolutely fabulous.

Prepare For Makeup

It’s super important to prepare your skin. After all, you need a blank canvas to applying your artwork on. Here are some handy tips to always get flawless coverage:


  • Ensure your skin is clean. This is crucial even if you’re starting off bare-faced. Cleanse your skin with a soft wipe and make sure no nasty dirt or old makeup is left behind.


  • Moisturised skin will not absorb your makeup and lead to clogged pores. Apply a good coverage of your chosen moisturizer and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.


  • Prime it, baby! A primer will ensure your skin is ready for your airbrush makeup. Apply the primer all over your face – don’t forget the areas under your chin and neck. I suggest using Rock Candy Beauty’s setting spray, which doubles up as a primer. All that natural goodness will give your skin the treatment is deserves!

Apply Your Look


First of all, we need our airbrush foundation. The airbrush gun from Rock Candy Beauty allows you to create the ultimate color for your skin even if such a foundation doesn’t already exist. You can bubble and blend in your gun to create your chosen tone.


Once you have your shade ready, apply your foundation in circular movements moving upwards. Apply one layer and check. If you need more, apply a second layer.


In an everyday look, we always use blush to contour and emphasize our best features. But for a unique effect for your night out, I suggest adding a little of Rock Candy Beauty’s illuminator. This will make up you glow and look glamorous all the way until closing time.


Mix a two to three drops of your blush with two drops of illuminator and then blend. In a circular movement move from the bottom of your jawline up to your hairline! Bonus tip – remember to smile, you will get better coverage.


We also want to highlight your most outstanding features. Fill your gun once again with three to four drops of your spray on highlighter and lightly cover your forehead, tip of nose, and jawline. By highlighting, you will give your face more definition.


Rock Candy Beauty doesn’t host lip products… Yet!


However, I do recommend using a bold lipstick for a night out. Red lipstick will make you stand out from the crowd and look sophisticated at the same time. If you’re feeling a little crazier, try playing with purple shades or a range of bright colors.


If you’re feeling up for a bit of glitter, a silver, shiny eyeshadow would be a great addition to your look. Not only does it make you pop, but it will work with the majority of other colors. It also screams GLAM!


Another hugely popular trend at the moment is the smokey eye. It is versatile enough to look amazing on an evening out with the girls or as a sassier daytime look. There are millions of tutorials to watch online to create your perfect smokey eye look!

Set It Up

Before you go, lock your flawless airbrush makeup look with setting spray. This will keep your makeup looking great while you dance the night away!


Once again, I suggest the Rock Candy Beauty setting spray. You can purchase a two-pack which is excellent for leaving one at home and keeping one in your bag for freshening up throughout the night.

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