How Pollution Can Affect Your Skin

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It is a sad reality that pollution plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Whether you live in a city or the countryside, you are continually surrounded by nasty chemicals.  Not only does it have a massive impact on the environment, but it also can affect every one of us. We cannot avoid the harm completely, but we might be able to lessen the damage.


Today, you will learn what exactly the dirt and harmful chemicals do to your face. I have also included some tips to help your skin, and I have recommended a natural range of products that will assist you in doing so.

The Effects of Pollution

Skin conditions are rapidly growing, especially among the younger population. The main factor for this is pollution. Disorders such as eczema and acne are painful, and pollution can play a big part in causing or worsening them.


Also, dry skin is highly related to pollution, as those who live in highly populated areas are most likely to suffer from it. If you do nothing, this dehydration can become very painful. It will also affect the way your skin reacts to makeup.


If you suffer from skin conditions, be sure to consult an expert. A professional dermatologist will ensure you receive the correct treatment. On the other hand, if your condition is something more simple, such as dry skin, ensure you apply makeup products which will always hydrate it.


For instance, you could go for Rock Candy Beauty, which uses only natural ingredients. The magical products they offer will continually hydrate your skin. One of my chosen items for the range is their setting spray. It can act as a primer, setting and hydrating spray.


If you have had a super busy day and feeling your skin is a little dehydrated, this should be your go-to product. Take your spray and apply a thin mist for an easy, instant boost.

How to Fight It

Pollution is nowadays inevitable. It doesn’t seem it will get better anytime soon. Thus, it’s a great idea to take some extra steps to protect your face from it. Here’s what you can do:


  • Cleanse your skin regularly. My recommendation is to use a cleansing makeup wipe. This will ensure every piece of dirt is gone from your face.


  • Stay hydrated. This might not be so easy, as we are continually on the go. However, by drinking a minimum of two liters of water a day, you will help not only your skin, but your entire system.


  • Wear UV protection. The weather is pretty crazy these days, and summers are getting hotter. Always put on a layer of UV protection, even if ‘it doesn’t seem too sunny.’ It will make a huge difference.


  • Choose a makeup brand which is going to contribute to your care. As we mentioned, Rock Candy Beauty creates makeup from ingredients that mother nature intended us to use. Their products will give you an extra layer of protection from nasty pollution instead of causing even more damage.


  • Take Vitamin B3 supplements. By upping your intake of this vitamin, you will protect your skin cells significantly. This magical substance is on top of any list of products for protecting the skin from pollutants such as cigarette smoke, car pollution, and more. Take a dose of 500mg twice a day.

The World is Changing

We all sometimes forget just how harmful pollution actually is. However, with the condition of the environment ever worsening, we should keep these things in mind.


When it comes to makeup, non-natural ingredients are overpowering and cause damage both to the environment and to yourself. In 2019, we should reverse this trend. After all, there are so many products today which can help us fight pollution, in and out.

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