My Favorite Clean Beauty Shops in NYC

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By now, my regular followers will know how big I am on clean, natural makeup! By using clean beauty products, we are taking care of our skin, our planet, and we are making our lifestyles less artificial and much healthier.


Clean beauty products can have an outstanding effect on our skin and deeply nourish it along the way. However, even if you’re aware of this, you might not be sure how to go natural. A good first step to answering that question is knowing where exactly to purchase these products.


Department stores stock huge brands, and they always will. Over the last few years, though, the demand for an alternative range of beauty products has increased significantly. Today, you can walk down the majority of aisles and easily find clean products!


Yet, you will need to read the ingredient list and do your research before you can buy with confidence. That is why I’m here to share my favorite specialized beauty shops to visit if you happen to be living in NYC.

Love, Live & Organic

These guys are really pushing gluten-free, plant-based, raw and organic products!


The range of their offer is simply outstanding. Not only are they supplying a clean range of skin care products, they also stock superfoods, supplements, and even homeware. If you’ve been in search of clean makeup, you will have plenty to put your hands on here!

Savour Beauty

Savour Beauty exists in two locations, so check for your nearest on Google maps and get there to experience their amazing ambiance!


These stores as Asian inspired. They produce everything according to the Korean beauty regimes, and we all know how outstanding Korean skin can be! They have been certified cruelty-free (YAY!) and organic (YAY!), so any environmentalist can shop here safely and with confidence.

Ritual Cosmetics

Ritual cosmetics also have two stores. They offer every kind of clean beauty products you can think off – their vast range even includes baby and mother products.

They host a variety of Asian-based products, both affordable and luxurious. Their prices are also super reasonable, allowing a wider array of people to experience the magic they offer. A wide range of their signature fragrances will ensure you leave the shop smelling amazing, too!

Winky Lux

This unique team has produced a colorful and fun brand for us to enjoy! The unique beauty products are something not to miss.


They host clear lip balms that mix with your natural lip PH to ensure your lips pop without a load of nasty, chemical ingredients. If you haven’t discovered this beautiful store yet, get your keys and enjoy this magical brand asap!

Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty has been growing in popularity thanks to their obsession with providing cleaner beauty products for their clients! And they are rocking it! The store even has a list of ingredients they outright refuse to put into any of their range. If you have just decided to go natural, this is the right place to start.


They host a massive range of 100% clean products, including makeup, deodorant, men’s products, and so much more. These guys are actually one of my favorite places to visit when I am in New York because they represent a one-stop-shop for all my beauty needs.

The Bottom Line

By pursuing a life of clean beauty, the benefits will affect your overall appearance as well as the environment. Why use beauty products packed with nasty chemicals when we have such a wide variety of perfectly clean alternatives readily available to us in 2019?


New York City is a great place to visit to discover a whole new world of beauty. These are just some of my favorite clean beauty stores in New York City, so if you’re ever around, pop in. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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