The Importance of Drinking Water For Your Skin

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Water is the adult’s drink. I only recently came to this realization. As a kid, I waited for social approval to take up coffee and alcohol. As soon as I started drinking those, I realized why my old folks urged me to drink, drink, and drink water.


As a kid, I found water repulsive because it looks so dull. Other drinks, such as juices, came in various colors, ranging from hot red to cool blue. Water, on the other hand, was invisible. Sometimes I even wondered if the cup was filled at all.


The dull taste of water did not help me to like it more. Why should I, a kid, opt for the taste of nothing in my mouth while other liquids organize a dance of a little million and one distinctive flavors? Oh, how naive and immature was I back then. But then again, weren’t we all?


Building Blocks of Us


Water makes up more than half of our bodies. Somewhere between 50-65% of us is comprised of this transparent liquid. So, it would be safe to assume that for proper function, an organism needs a lot of water. And yes, this statement is true. We should regard water as the cornerstone of our existence.


Water is not only what makes us alive, but what makes us gorgeous as well. If you want an astonishing house, you will seek materials of the highest quality. Having that in mind we can compare water to gold, and other drinks to gilded wood. Gold will shine bright until the end of times, whereas gilded timber will lose its appeal after the first rain.


Now that we have praised the tasteless liquid, it is time to elaborate on why and how water affects us. It supports every part of our body, but in this case, I will follow how drinking water affects our largest organ – the skin.


Eternal Youth


Our skin is made up of cells, and they require water for proper functioning. When they lack water, our appearance suffers, which in turn makes us look older than our age. It’s their way of telling you to give them what they want.


If we don’t drink enough water, the blood inside us will thicken. However, it cannot stop moving. To prevent that the blood will steal some water from our skin cells and continue its cycling path throughout the body.


As soon as blood starts borrowing from our skin cells, the skin starts changing. Dry skin is the first symptom of “transformation.” The next target is our eyes. First, they will lose their natural brightness, which will make them look darker. If we still haven’t picked up a glass of water, they will look more sunken.


Finally, water is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. Dehydration manifests itself in wrinkles. To keep those away, and maintain the fine lines on the face, fill your cup with water, not to the halfway point but to the top.


Water flowing makes the skin glowing


Water not only keeps you young but highlights your best features. Many beauty gurus praise the natural treatments water provides. The optimal intake of water complements your makeup routine. It is the natural blush that makes your cheeks glow even pinker, and your lips even rosier.


The best thing about “Water, the Beauty Artist” is that it doesn’t tire your skin. The treatments it provides will make you pretty and healthy.


But how much should I drink?


While dehydration can wear out your skin, and the rest of the body, it is essential not to exaggerate with the intake. Too much of anything is damaging, water included. So, when should I pick up a glass of water? Easy, just when you feel thirsty.

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