The Importance of “Me Time”

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I’ve been there. I’ve burned out and couldn’t handle people anymore. I suffered during that time, and I think a few of us here have had similar experiences.


If you haven’t, I congratulate you, but I do recommend looking at how much time you’re giving yourself for taking care of yourself. Here are some pieces of knowledge I acquired through experience, so you wouldn’t have to.



We all know the formula for self-care. Eat right, exercise, and don’t live off pizza and ice cream alone. We can go further with diets and substances to avoid, but we’d still miss an essential aspect of our psyche’s maturity.


Often we try to be people pleasers. If we make our co-workers happy, work will be easier, and the happiness of our boss and superiors could impact our chances for a raise or promotion. We want to please our parents out of a feeling of obligation.


However, doing all these means we’re devoting our time to other people and spend very little of it on ourselves.


I’ve been there, and it’s not very pretty. We end up wearing a fake smile. If it goes on for too long, we lose ourselves.


What Is “Me Time”?

It can be the few minutes in the shower or bathtub where you get the peace to be alone with your thoughts.


Being alone with your thoughts is an excellent example since we go through life absorbing and processing tons of information. Yet, if we don’t take the time to let it absorb, it can bring us headaches.


Have you ever had certain events stay vivid in your memory and cause you anxiety? You may have just needed to think it through.

Why Do I Need “Me Time”?

It’s surprising, but this often goes misunderstood. The time you spend by yourself unwinding and letting go of the day serves several purposes.


“Me time” is in essentiality a brain reboot that can improve concentration, make us more productive, enhances relationships, and also aids us in our self-development and self-discovery.


What Can I Do for “Me Time”?

There are plenty of things to do, and in the end, it comes down to what you find fun or relaxing.


For those strapped for time who still want to increase the quality of their life, I recommend meditation. There’s a form called mindful meditation that I’m a particular fan of, it entails taking a few minutes with your eyes closed as you observe your breathing cycle. Sense everything you can and become mindful of things you usually don’t pay attention to.


You could also read a book. After all, novels are another world we can escape into. Reading is an excellent mental stimulant and stress reducer. It is also a great way of learning and expanding new ideas and concepts.


Reading can improve our memory as well. This means we’ll have fewer moments of forgetfulness and less stress from that.


How Can I Get More “Me Time”?

Waking up 30 minutes earlier is perhaps one of the best ways to get more time for yourself. Whether you use this time to leisurely prepare in the morning or if you choose to read or even play a video game, this extra half-hour can do you a lot of good.


Unplug yourself from technology for a while. This can be a great way of rebooting your brain. It also helps to decrease the fear of missing out that can occur with the rise of social media.


My last suggestion, when you get lunch, try and have it outside. A break in nature or even simply getting some sunlight can be rejuvenating. Spending a few minutes in fresh air as a break may be the reason your productivity increases at work.


Final Thoughts

Getting enough “me time” is crucial for your cognitive functions and increasing your productivity. It’s also a great aid in elevating your mood. Perhaps for some of us, the most important part is that it can enhance your relationship.


So, let’s take a few minutes to enjoy the day and reboot our brains.

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