Top 5 Beauty Tips From Professionals

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Now and then someone tells me something new which I wish I’d heard it ages ago. I’m talking about those little titbits of information that someone shares and you think to yourself that you wished you’d have known that sooner.


Who better to learn from than the professionals when it comes to beauty tips? After all, these professionals eat, sleep, and breathe beauty. I did some fishing and found some top tips I’d love to share with you. Some of these are quite simple, or you may already know them, but it doesn’t hurt to remember.

Conditioner Before Swimming

In other words, smother your hair with conditioner before swimming in the pool or taking a dip in the ocean. The damaging effects that the chlorine in a pool can have on your hair is enormous. Likewise, it is advisable to protect your hair from the ocean water.


It is a good idea to lather conditioner into your hair before you get into the pool or the ocean for a swim. The conditioner will act as a barrier, coating the strands of hair. This will protect your hair from any damage or from drying out. Quite the opposite, you will get those beach waves once it dries.

Slow Down Aging With Sunscreen

The harmful rays from the sun can cause premature aging and wrinkles. Some people also get dark spots or age spots from long periods of exposure to the sun.


One of the least expensive and effective measures to slow down the aging process is always to ensure you apply sunscreen to your entire body. Even for the overcast days when you think you may not need it, it is a wise choice to rather be safe than sorry and apply your sunscreen.


For your face, Pacifica has a beautiful product called Mineral Face Shade Coconut. This face sunscreen has an SPF30 and is available to buy at your local Target country-wide.

Post-Workout Showers Are A Must

This one can be a lifesaver for those fitness addicts that work out regularly. It is vital to have a shower after you have completed your workout. Acne is not only something that can attack your face; it can attack your whole body.


If you are pushed for time and don’t have the time to shower post-workout, try using natural body-cleansing wipes for an all-over wipe-down. This will clean away all the dirt on your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to put on fresh clothes.

A Curl That Lasts

This has to be one of my favorite pearls of wisdom, and one I love sharing. For the ladies who like to curl their eyelashes, here is a handy little trick I came across that really and truly works.


Before you use your eyelash curler, either run it under warm water for a few minutes or hold your hair drier over it for a few seconds to heat the curler. The eyelash curler works better when it is a bit warmer, and the curl lasts longer too.

No More Yellow Nails

If you are anything like me, you like wearing darker colors on your nails for the winter months. After some time, the nails tend to turn a bit yellow, and it is difficult to get them looking natural again. Nail polish remover, no matter how natural it is, doesn’t seem to get rid of the yellow tint.


Try this smart trick to get them looking all sparkling and clean again. Take a soft nail brush and some whitening toothpaste. Scrub the nails gently, using the nail brush with some toothpaste on. After a few minutes, rinse it and you will notice the difference.


Sometimes the most simple tricks do work a treat. You don’t always need to use expensive products to get the results you want. Take it from the professionals; they do know what’s best!

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