Top 5 Best Tricks to Hide Acne

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Acne is a skin condition that generally crops up at the most inconvenient times. We’ve all had a breakout from stress, poor care and nutrition, or merely bad luck.


But fear not! There are many ways you can hide those pesky pimples and feel confident in your own skin even when they hit. Below are my top five tips for doing so.

1. Avoid Oily Makeup

It’s no secret that excessive oil on your skin allows bacteria to thrive. Your face is no exception to this.


Some makeup brands are cream-based and therefore can irritate skin that is already oily. Primers that offer a “dewy” look occasionally contain silica that clogs pores and leads to a buildup of acne.


If a product is described as creamy or suitable for dry skin, it’s best not to use it if you’re prone to breakouts. It’ll only agitate acne, making them even harder to hide.

2. Don’t Dry Out Your Skin

While you don’t want to lather your face in oil, you don’t want to dry it out, either. Acne will be more prominent if the skin is particularly dry, and it may be harder to cover it up with makeup.


When using face washes, ensure you aren’t scrubbing your face too hard, as this will strip the skin of natural oils that give it moisture. It can also dry out pimples and leave scars on your complexion that are difficult to hide.


Basically, drying out your skin will not help cover up acne. Instead, use a toner that isn’t too harsh on your skin and will cleanse the pores prior to putting on makeup.

3. Pick the Right Primer

Using a primer before applying foundation or concealer is especially helpful if makeup is causing a breakout. This layers acts as a barrier between the makeup and your skin, so it doesn’t irritate it further.


A good primer is one that is not cream-based and is designed for acne-prone people. You can hide pimples easily by applying a layer of primer over your skin before putting on foundation. It’ll create a more even, smoother look and ensure your makeup doesn’t crack.

4. Concealer Is Your Friend

Even if you are following a strict skin care routine, breakouts can still happen. In this case, concealer is your best bet to hide acne.


Use a shade that is closest to your natural complexion; if it’s too light, it’ll be very noticeable that you’re covering up pimples! Take the concealer brush and dab a small amount onto pimples, blending it into your skin.


Make sure you use just the right amount, as too much concealer will draw attention to pimples instead of hiding them. Use your finger to massage the concealer into your skin for a natural-looking finish.

5. Use Highlighter to Your Advantage

Having acne can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, but remember, there is a beautiful face under those pimples! Highlighter can emphasize certain features and draw attention away from acne.


The product comes in both cream or liquid form, and powder form. If your skin is especially oily, we would recommend using a powder highlighter. Use a makeup brush to sweep the highlighter across the middle of your nose, forehead and, chin. These are areas where light hits your face the most and will make you glow, drawing attention away from acne.


If you would prefer a more natural flow to your face, you can rub a liquid highlighter into these areas and set it with powder over the top.


Acne no longer has to stop you feeling great and attractive. While it would be best to care of the skin until they are gone, the above tips will help you hide the little devils and be selfie-ready anytime!

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