Top 5 Professional Airbrush Makeups Tips

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Spray on makeup is a magical world we should all experience at some point. At the beginning, this technique was only available for makeup professionals. Now it’s making a big statement on the public market.


I have today put together five most common tips professional makeup artists give to make your journey in creating the perfect look a little easier. I have also outlined some of my favorite products from Rock Candy Beauty.


Rock Candy Beauty is rapidly growing and will give you a 100% cruelty-free, natural, and vegan product. They have earned several certificates to prove that they stand by those qualities.


So, what to the big names in the industry say?

Get to Know Your Machine

Before you begin, you should learn how the mechanism you’re to use works. There are many different forms of airbrush guns, such as:


  • Double action gun. This kind of tool allows you to pull the trigger and apply a thicker layer of product in one spraying.


  • You don’t need to pull any triggers, it will automatically control the flow.


  • Single action gun. This one will allow you to control the pressure of your machine at all times, providing even more control over the process.


If you have any questions about your airbrush gun, always reach out to your brand, the majority will be happy to help.


Top product tip: I suggest starting out with the Rock Candy Beauty starter kit. It contains everything you need to get started and also a few individual samples – if you’re one to learn by doing, you will enjoy it.

Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of people find airbrush makeup intimidating. Linking airbrush makeup to professional artists, they expect it’s going to be a difficult process.


As with anything else, a little practice will soon have you flowing and mastering the airbrush art. Set a little time aside – practice on yourself or invite the girls around, and never forget to enjoy your exploration.

Choose a High-Quality Product

There are now thousands of brands on the market. Search online and see what those that catch your attention have to offer.


Also, always choose a brand which is going to benefit your skin. My suggestion is to go for one boasting natural ingredients. Years of experimenting taught me you’re much less likely to make a mistake if you follow this.


Top product tip: Rock Candy Beauty hosts a wide range of products for you to use in your spray on makeup routine. Because their products are all natural, they nourish and take care of your skin. Have a peep here!

Start With Clean Skin

Before you apply airbrush makeup, ensure your skin is clean. Don’t forget, you are applying a new product to your skin so it might react in several ways. Ensuring your skin is clean will give that reaction a better chance of being positive.


Having clean skin will also give you a better base for your application and safeguard against blocked pores.

Less is More

We hear this phrase often, and it is true! Airbrushing allows you to create a natural look with ease following this principle.


Compared to traditional makeup, you are merely misting makeup over your skin. Add one coat, step back, and check. If you think you want little more coverage add another layer.


With airbrush makeup, it is a little harder to remove makeup. In the majority of cases, you need to start again, so take your time to avoid this.

Final Thoughts

Spray on makeup has transformed the way we apply our ‘faces’. An airbrush system is so multifunctional and we can all benefit from it. As a bonus, it leaves you looking like an enhanced version of yourself.


Follow these pieces of advice and there’s no way you won’t be rocking it, too.


My recommendation is always Rock Candy Beauty. They have worked incredibly hard to ensure that their brand grows but still cares about its consumer. The cruelty-free status is my main draw to the company. In 2019 we should no longer have to test on animals!

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