Top Beauty Trends This Summer

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Summer is on the horizon. The days are getting longer, and the evenings are now lovely and warm. Is there a better time to look your best?


We all want to stay in style, so I thought I could take a look into what the glossy magazines and beauty blogs are predicting for this summer – and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed. Here is what I have found.

Summer Lips and Eyes

It’s all about making a statement this summer. The Spring/Summer shows featured bold raspberries and bright cherry reds – no more nudes or pastel colors. It’s about making your lips stand out.


It’s time to get out those colors you thought were too trashy – you will now be queen of style. Experiment with shades of crimson and berry red, and see what works for your skin tone.


Colorful eyeshadows are another must for 2019. The catwalks were a literal rainbow of bold eyeshadows. However, they took it just one color at a time .Anything from bright pink to neon blue is all the rage but with a broad swipe of a single color.


And if you are about to tame your winter hairy legs and unmentionables, leave your eyebrows out of it – virgin eyebrows are back. No need to spend hours getting Instagram-ready brows. This summer has full-natural brows on the menu.

‘No Makeup’ Makeup

The backdrop to those statement pieces is a clean, clear complexion that looks like it hasn’t seen any makeup in days. You know the look – enhanced, and yet natural, beauty.


This is something you can achieve with Rock Candy’s range of NO FILTER 4K Foundations.   Their product is so light that it has a barely-there feel. This makes it easy to layer up a few different shades of their foundation to match your skin tone exactly.


This way it blends in perfectly, and there is nothing to show you haven’t just woken up with this gorgeous complexion.


Health and Beauty Working Together

Last year was full of wellness-driven beauty launches – and it is not stopping. More and more beauty companies and startups are focusing on natural products and doing away with chemicals.


Makeup and beauty products that can heal your skin and help boost your natural beauty instead of only covering it up are becoming the norm. Companies like Rock Candy Beauty make use of ingredients that help your skin instead of damaging it. Here are some examples:


  • The Rock Candy’s NO FILTER 4K foundation contains bamboo. The bamboo stem cells have a high amount of antioxidants in them. This reduces aging and smooths out fine lines. This is a much more effective, yet milder alternative to retinol used by companies in the past.


  • The finishing spray this brand offers features a unique ingredient – Red Algae. This algae filters sunlight and protects your skin against sun damage. It functions as sunscreen, minus the toxic chemicals.


  • If gluten is is something you struggle with, you have nothing to worry about with Rock Candy. Their products are all gluten free, as well as vegan.

Sustainability and Giving Back to the Planet

There is also a fast-growing movement happening in the beauty industry to use sustainable and natural products. Many beauty brands use ingredients that are filled with toxins and chemicals. These not only damage your skin, but also harm the environment when they get washed into the water system.


Luckily, there are a few good brands like Rock Candy Beauty spearheading the movement towards natural products. This brand is dedicated to a cruelty-free life, claiming that it is no longer okay  (nor it ever was) for brands to test on animals.


More and more consumers, like you and me, are choosing to make a statement with the brands they support. Even if you are not a vegan, choosing cruelty-free products is a start  towards helping and saving our planet.

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