Why You Should Toss Old Makeup?

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Often I want to make my money stretch as far as possible, and I think everyone does. But because of this, we can often adopt bad habits.


Personally, I sin by letting my makeup sit there after its expiration date. It’s not that I don’t use my makeup. Instead, it generally happens because I buy colors I don’t use often, or I try something I don’t like.


Fortunately, I’ve never experienced anything bad happen to myself, but there are cases that don’t have such happy endings.


So, I’m here to enlighten us all as to why you shouldn’t be keeping on using that old eyeshadow or foundation that’s been sitting on your dressing table for a few years now.


Should You Throw Old Makeup Away?

I think we all know the basic makeup safety rules – they include throwing away anything with a bad smell and not sharing mascara so that no one gets an infection. But what about makeup after its expiry date?


It is highly, highly advised to throw away any old makeup that you have sitting in your bag. If the items have lost their effectiveness, it’s that much more important.


What Happens to Expired Makeup?

Once air hits the compound contained within a makeup package, it begins to oxidize and degrade. Fortunately, most products last between a year and three years, and any uncertainty can quickly be cleared up with a web search.


Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, foundation shades, and eye pencils are products that don’t deteriorate as time passes.


This is true thanks to the pigments in the product being consistent throughout it. Texture and consistency can, however, change depending on the location it’s stored in and the temperature it’s stored at.


What Are the Effects of Using Old Makeup?

Often, fungal and bacterial growth occurs on your makeup. It’s something that happens everywhere, especially at places that no longer see frequent use and cleaning. Most makeup products come with plenty of preservatives to keep this from happening, meaning your eyeshadow is entirely safe from being overrun with bacteria.


Old makeup is subject to a loss of longevity, provides a more difficult application process, and gives off a weaker color. Texture as well can become unpleasant or unsightly depending on the age of that product.


These all affect the usefulness of that particular makeup item, and all are subject to the conditions in which they were stored.


Old but Unused Products

So, while researching this, I asked myself, “What about the things I’ve bought on impulse but never opened?” And I’m very thankful for Google after finding out the answer. After all, I’m sure we’ve all got one product that’s sitting there unopened for an extended period of time.


Many products have a natural lifespan, a date of a few months through which the product will retain its integrity for before degradation will be a concern.


I recommend checking for any expiring date or when you bought the product. If the dates are right, then the makeup is still perfect for use, but if you’re in doubt play it safe and throw it out.


Can I Get Away With Keeping Any Products?

Sadly, there aren’t any products that are safe after expiry. The realization shocked me since I’ve used old makeup on the odd occasion, never suffering any issues or infections. However I got lucky, I never kept those for long. I bought new makeup when I realized it was expired.


The only makeup I’ve used that was past its expiry was ones that I went to buy soon after and only used because I was in need of that particular one without replacement.


The Bottom Line

So, I can say that we absolutely need to toss the expired makeup. It’s not safe, as it carries the risk for infections as well as bacteria that grows on it over time.


Because of this, I know I’ll have to avoid any impulse buying when I see something interesting until I need a replacement of that type of product.

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